PLEASE NOTE: Required American Equity specific Product Training must be completed PRIOR to soliciting an Application to American Equity. Please call Marketing at 888-647-1371 for assistance. Thank you
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American Equity believes it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of our products in order to better serve your client. We offer many resources on our Agent Website to help you with our product portfolio. Under the revised NAIC Model law on suitability in annuities insurers are required to provide product specific training for all agents. American Equity is an Iowa based company and the state of Iowa has adopted regulations that require company specific product training to be completed by all agents before soliciting an annuity application. American Equity has been a leader in keeping insurance product regulation at the state insurance department level. We are once again leading the way in providing our agents with this important product specific training. American Equity will not be able to accept business from an agent who has not completed the appropriate product training module.

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If you are currently an active agent with American Equity, training should be completed using the American Equity agent web site.
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